Carlotta Champagne

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Carlotta Champagne In A Pair Of Red Panties

Carlotta Champagne starts out wearing a tiny tight white tank top and a pair of red panties. She seductively strips out of her clothes and once naked she pours a glass of champagne on her perky little nipples and watches it flow down her breasts towards her trimmed warm pussy. Continue »
Posted 25 January 2012    Carlotta Champagne   

Luscious Brunette Carolotta Champagne In Pantyhose

Carlotta Champagne returns from an outrageous costume party in an extremely playful mood. Ready to throw a party of her own, she rips open the front of her bodysuit and reveals her big, round boobs. Then, she bends over with the bodysuit off, presenting her firm ass, which is still covered by her pantyhose. Continue »
Posted 13 January 2012    Carlotta Champagne   

Carlotta Champagne Strips In The Locker Room

Carlotta Champagne is a sexy teen in the locker room getting undressed. She removes her bra and mini skirt and wastes no time is showing off her super sexy breasts and tight toned ass to the camera as she poses like a true porn star. This tease knows she’s sexy. Continue »
Posted 23 December 2011    Carlotta Champagne   

Carlotta Champagne Strips Naked On The Floor

Carlotta Champagne invites you into her room to watch her enjoy herself. With a naughty smile, she removes her bra and slips off her panties. Then, she gets into her favorite position–bent over slightly at the waist to present her sexy ass while she strokes her dripping wet pussy for you. Continue »
Posted 28 December 2010    Carlotta Champagne   

Carlotta Champagne Looks Sexy In Lingerie

Carlotta is a unique gal. She spends a lot of time with her dogs playing in the park. She also likes reading and making erotic clothing out of condoms. Hmm She sounds like our kind of girl. Continue »
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