Nikki Sims

Posted 31 January 2012    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Wearing A Pair Of Sexy Jeans

Nikki Sims is wearing a pair of jeans and a small white tank top and looks stunning. She slowly strips out of her clothes and shows her bright blue panties as she removes her pants. She removes her panties and bends forward over the couch, and shows her ass.

Posted 26 January 2012    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims In Fishnets And Shiny Boots

This brunette badass babe has to be in control of everything, including this photo shoot. She is wearing a black tee shirt and black fishnet stocking that are covered with shiny black boots. Nikki Sims moves her panties to the side and uses her fingers to explore her moist pussy.

Posted 21 December 2011    Nikki Sims   

Busty Nikki Sims Posing Naked In Her Bedroom

Nikki Sims is spending a lazy Sunday afternoon in her bright white bed. She takes the big white comforter and slowly comes out from under it. She is completely naked between the crisp white sheets and she teasingly poses for the camera without showing too much of her breasts and pussy.

Posted 09 December 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Teasing In Heels And Fishnets

Nikki Sims is sitting on the edge of her bed, clad in stockings and sexy lingerie. She stands up and bends over, letting you look down the front of her bra at her ample cleavage. Then she, lies back and rubs her perky tits through the fabric, driving herself wild.

Posted 06 December 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Gets Naked In The Garage

Time to get down to business! Nikki Sims sure does know how to handle some tools! In her daisy dukes and white tank top she stretches over the work table, but all that hard work sure is hot and before long she takes off her tank top to show off her big, round tits in her yellow bra. After bending over to show that she isn’t wearing any panties, she strips off her shorts and poses in nothing but a tool belt!

Posted 28 November 2011    Nikki Sims   

Busty Nikki Sims Teasing On A Leather Couch

Nikki Sims pulls down the front of her hooded sweatshirt, stretching its thin fabric over her big tits. The young minx stands up and pulls down her jeans, bending over to show off the paw print tattoo on one of her ass cheeks as her tight rear peeks out around her thong.

Posted 23 November 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims In A Black Thong And Pink Bra

Don’t let Nikki Sims’ conservative blouse and trousers fool you, this babe has a wild side. To prove it, she starts to undo the buttons of her blouse at a teasingly slow pace, pausing to bend forward and give you a good look at her tanned tits bulging out over the top of her hot pink bra.

Posted 09 November 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Strips On A Poker Table

Looking sexy as usual Nikki Sims is in a playful mood. She has on her baseball cap and tight t-shirt with denim shorts. She tries to get you to come and play by taking off her shirt and shorts. Then if that isn’t enough she strips out of her panties and bra because she really wants you to come and play!

Posted 10 October 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Wearing A Red Bustier And Stockings

Nikki Sims looks alluring in her sexy red outfit with black fishnet stockings and high heels. She stands against the door with her arms outstretched and her beautiful ass sticking out at you. Eventually she strips out of her outfit leaving only her stockings and high heels on!

Posted 15 September 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Strips In The Backyard

A young, innocent blond, Nikki Sims has decided it is the perfect day for some topless sunbathing in her backyard. First she strips down to her lacy bra and matching panties, getting on all fours as she makes sure it’s warm enough out. Satisfied, Nikki unhooks the bra and lies on her stomach to enjoy the heat of the sun on her bare back.

Posted 24 August 2011    Nikki Sims   

Busty Nikki Sims Taking A Bath

Nikki Sims is treating us to her taking a bubble bath. She is in up to the bottom of her tight little ass and then turns and drops the rest of her body in the sudsy water! She plays around with the bubbles, splashing and covering her big tits and shaven pussy.

Posted 15 August 2011    Nikki Sims   

Sinful Babe Nikki Sims Shows Hot Ass In Thong

Nikki Sims has the perfect idea to spice up a boring afternoon at home. Standing up, she peels off her gray t-shirt to reveal her black lace bra and a sexy swell of cleavage. Pulling her jeans down around her knees, Nikki kneels on the sofa, presenting her lovely ass and black thong.

Posted 29 July 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Strips Naked In A Car

Nikki Sims is your everyday girl next door with a voyeuristic streak. She poses with her car, stripping out of her jean shorts and t-shirt.

Posted 06 July 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Teasing Herself In The Office

Nikki Sims knows there’s nothing worse than all work and no play, so she takes a break at the office to torment and tease herself.

Posted 20 June 2011    Nikki Sims   

A Nice Summer Day With Nikki Sims

It is a nice summer day, and Nikki Sims is relaxing with a beer by the grill. She stands with her legs apart, so it is easy to sneak a peek at her white cotton panties beneath her jean skirt.

Posted 02 June 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Strips Off Her Jeans And Lingerie

Nikki Sims is a young blond who can’t wait to take it all off. Throwing back her head, Nikki first gives a tempting view of her cleavage before starting her strip tease.

Posted 10 May 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Wearing Jeans And White Sweater

Wearing jeans and a long white sweater that shows off her lovely figure, Nikki Sims could be the girl next door.

Posted 27 April 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Posing In Her Tight Jeans

Nikki Sims is just lounging around in her jeans and t- shirt. Stripping off top and bra she grabs her round tits by her nipples and squeezes.

Posted 29 March 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Gets Naughty In The Bathroom

Even after a long day, Nikki Sims is ready to play. The naughty brunette heads into her bathroom, performing a strip tease. She takes off her top first, rubbing her full, round tits through the fabric of her bra.

Posted 23 March 2011    Nikki Sims   

Nikki Sims Stripping Off Her Workout Pants

Nikki Sims looks great in her white tank top and black workout pants. She is sitting on her bed works her pants off to show her pink and white panties. Pulling on her tank top she shows her pink bra filled with her gorgeous tits.

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