Nikki Summer

Posted 30 August 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer In A Hot Pink Bikini

After a fun day at the beach, Nikki Summer returns home and gets ready to change out of her skimpy, hot pink bikini. She starts by untying the top, letting it fall away as she teasingly covers her round tits. Then, Nikki bends over and slides the bottoms down over her juicy ass and long legs. Continue »
Posted 23 August 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer Plays With Her Big Tits

Nikki Summer sure likes to play with her tits and who can blame her. They are nice sized melons that look firm and ready to be squeezed! She sits in her room practically naked with both hands covering her bare breast. She only stops to put her hands between her legs! Continue »
Posted 16 August 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer In A Tight Pink Mini Dress

Nikki Summer is the college co-ed next door. Wearing a curve hugging pink mini dress, she gets into the mood to strip for you. She tugs on the skirt playfully then begins unzipping the front of the dress, exposing her big but perky breasts. Lying on her stomach, Nikki lets her dress ride up, revealing that she is not... Continue »
Posted 09 August 2011    Nikki Summer   

Busty Nikki Summer Shows Amazing Ass

Nikki Summer has invited you into her bedroom for a private show. The fun begins as she bends her waist slightly, poking out her shapely rear, which peeks out from beneath her skimpy denim shorts. Then, Nikki shifts her white top so that she can easily reach her tit and tease herself. Continue »
Posted 02 August 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer Posing Against The Wall

A young blond, Nikki Summer stands in her bedroom with the buttons undone on her blouse, her perky tits peeking out from the shelf of her bra. After taking off her bra, Nikki leans against the wall, rubbing her nipples against the plaster to drive herself completely wild. The Nikki pulls down her panties so she can finger her... Continue »
Posted 26 July 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer In A Pink Bra And Panties

A young blond, Nikki Summer is in her bedroom, wearing her hot pink bra and matching panties. Her round tits bulge from around the cups of the lacy bra as she smiles coyly at the camera. Continue »
Posted 28 June 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer Dressed As A Schoolgirl

One look at hot blond Nikki Summer, and you can see why she’s the teacher’s pet. As she writes on the chalkboard, her red plaid skirt lifts up, showing off her white cotton panties. Continue »
Posted 25 June 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer Looks Cute In Her Hard Hat

Nikki Summer’s lending a hand as a hot carpenter’s helper in the workshop today. The young blond looks cute in her blue hard hat. Continue »
Posted 18 June 2011    Nikki Summer   

Blonde Bombshell Nikki Summer In Lingerie

In some sheer black lingerie, Nikki Summer sure doesn’t believe in leaving much to the imagination! And what’s wrong with that? Continue »
Posted 09 June 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer Nude Alone In Her Bedroom

Nikki Summer is a young blond alone in her bedroom. She has already started to pull down the panties of her pink pajamas, letting them coast along the smooth tanned skin of her thighs. Continue »
Posted 03 June 2011    Nikki Summer   

Nikki Summer Shows Her Fit Athletic Body

Nikki Summer is a young blond with a fit, athletic body. As she begins to pull up her t-shirt, it becomes apparent that she’s not wearing a bra to support her perky tits. Continue »
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